Family Chiropractic of Heathrow

Dr. Kelly Tolle's Published Articles

Dr. Kelly enjoys educating her patients on the many benefits of chiropractic care.  An informed patient makes a healthy and happy patient!  Please read the articles below which are published in Lake Mary Life magazine monthly and be sure to ask the doctor any questions you may have.

Boost your Immune System with Chiropractic - Jan/Feb 2012

Poor Posture = Poor Health - Mar/Apr 2012

An Alternative Solution to Earaches - May/June 2012

Back to School Backpack Safety - July/Aug 2012

If it Works for Tiger Woods... - Sept/Oct 2012

Reduce Stress this Holiday Season - Nov/Dec 2012

Kelly Tolle is a Doctor of Chiropractic and mother of three small children.  Owner of Family Chiropractic of Heathrow, she is dedicated to improving her patients' quality of life thru chiropractic, nutrition, and massage therapy at the Colonial Town Park location.  Visit www.FamilyChiropracticof