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Kids and Chiropractic

I am always a little surprised when someone asks me “You adjust kids? Why??” The reasons are endless really. I usually start with the question back “Well do you have kids?”

The reason I ask if they are a parent is simple – as a parent you are the the main witness to the constant stress and strain kids do to their bodies. From learning to walk to playing on the playground – and now my kids being older playing soccer, riding horses and competing in gymnastics – there are SO many reasons to adjust my kids!

One of my biggest blessings in life being a chiropractor is being able to help my children grow healthy and strong by adjusting them with my own hands. And it is an amazing gift I cherish when my patients bring their kids to me for the same purpose.

Let me help your child feel and perform their best in life by bringing them to Family Chiropractic of Heathrow! The giggles and smiles from my young patients are indescribable  [:)]

Sincerely, Dr Kelly Tolle


TEXT NECK - the new epidemic

This is enough to give a Chiropractor a fit!


Sixty pounds is roughly the weight of four adult-sized bowling balls. Or six plastic grocery bags full of food. Or an 8 year old.

It is also, according to a new calculation published in the journal Surgical Technology International, the amount of force exerted on the head of an adult human who is looking down at her phone.

Kenneth Hansraj, a New York back surgeon, found this figure using a computer model of a human spine. An average human head weighs about 10 to 12 pounds, and tilting it down to check Facebook, send a text, or to Google the weight of a human head increases the gravitational pull on the cranium.

“As the head tilts forward the forces seen by the neck surges to 27 pounds at 15 degrees, 40 pounds at 30 degrees, 49 pounds at 45 degrees and 60 pounds at 60 degrees,” Hansraj writes in the paper.

According to Nielsen, Americans spend about an hour on their smartphone each day. This is a grossly underestimated! Unless you train yourself to stare straight ahead into your iPhone screen, you could be continually stressing your spine. “These stresses,” Hansraj writes, “may lead to early wear, tear, degeneration, and possibly surgeries.”

May lead? Duh.

Of course, chiropractors have been howling about the scourge of “text-neck” for years. But it’s certainly eyebrow-raising to learn that looking at Twitter in the supermarket checkout line is the equivalent of giving an aardvark piggy-back ride.

Even more disturbing is the population entertaining this behavior is getting younger and younger - exponentially increasing the damage over time.

Chiropractic can help. We realign the joints in your spine, including the neck and mid back that gets stressed from the texting position. Soft tissue therapy can help ease the tension in the shoulders and we will give you gentle reminders of proper posture to prevent you from self inflicted issues.

Time to visit your chiropractor?  And bring your kids...

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Dr Kelly Tolle ~ Family Chiropractic of Heathrow



Chiropractic Principles for Improving Balance and Coordination

Our family just came back from our daughter Kate’s level 3 Florida State Gymnastics meet. We are so proud of her accomplishment, first place All Around with three first place finishes on floor, beam and vault, and a 4th place on bars. While watching the girls compete, I am reminded of some overlooked benefits of chiropractic care for children.

Balance and coordination is an often overlooked part of fitness and should be trained as much as strength and endurance. From our science class, we learned that balance and coordination is controlled by several parts of the body, namely the eyes and the ears. These senses pass on the data it has gathered via the nerves to the muscles to appropriately move about gracefully.

There are many factors that may hamper one’s balance and coordination. The alignment of your neck, your spine, and your pelvis is one. Age and disease is another problem. What chiropractic aims to do is to adjust these misalignments in your body to achieve optimal balance. Think of it this way, when your pelvis is misaligned, your body needs to compensate for that misalignment. Perhaps your neck shifts to one side to promote balance but in turn causes you stiffness and neck pain. Chiropractic sees these global problems and adjusts the body, improving balance and coordination.

Regular visits to your chiropractor will help relieve you of this problem and ultimately improve balance and coordination. Whether it be for improving gymnastics performance or balancing your life - adjustments will make you feel better!

Happy Tumbling :)

Dr Kelly Tolle


Preventing Whiplash With Chiropractic Therapy

Watch out Jax! Blue Hole ~ Berry Islands

Neck injuries can happen to anyone at anytime during everyday activities. Force extensions of the neck are common in motor vehicle accidents, sports, accidental falls and assault. Sudden out of range movements of the neck causes whiplash that damages soft neck tissues particularly the tendons, ligaments and joints. This is because the neck can only extend at a certain angle both forward and backward that abnormal movements can lead to stiffness and pain. Physicians would recommend pain relievers to ease the aching neck but there is a BETTER solution. Chiropractic therapy treats whiplash properly by realigning the cervical (neck) vertebra. Without correcting the misalignments caused by the trauma event, pain relievers are only masking the pain for a period of time. Let me assure you, the pain WILL come back, months and years later.

What makes the chiropractic different from the usual medical approach is the ability to understand the root cause of the neck injury. This means that other than just pain management, chiropractors will see to it that the tissues are normalized. You may have to prepare yourself to provide details on how the neck injury came about. If the injury came about from a car accident, information such as wearing a seatbelt during the incident; vehicle moving or stopped; frontal or rear hit and other questions to give the chiropractor a factual picture. Through this the chiropractors will know how to care for the whiplash.

Chiropractors are geared towards holistic approach in dealing with whiplash or neck injuries. If you have encountered accidents that caused aches in the neck, then do not take it for granted as the pain subsides. It is always best to have your body checked out by the experts to avoid further damage. Oftentimes deterioration of the body is neglecting to keep it in the best state. For chiropractors, other than just focusing on relieving the neck pain, they are there to help in preventing whiplash. Treat the CAUSE - not the SYMPTOM.

Dr Kelly Tolle ~ Family Chiropractic of Heathrow




When Exercise Goals are Interrupted by Pain

You may be getting a little older, or you may have put your body through a lot over years of intense exercise or misuse. But, now you want to get it all back together and start with an exercise routine to get back in shape. But, are your lofty workout goals being slowed down by back pain?



Back pain can affect every aspect of your life. The thing with back pain is that if it goes untreated or you keep doing the same thing that injures or strains the same muscles, you will never find relief. Going out there on the soccer field to reclaim your old glory this year or hitting the track to beat your old cross country time are nice goals in theory. But, if you have any back issues, those goals will never get off the ground. Knowing how to get your back in the best shape possible and how to treat existing back pain issues is the first step you need to take to get started with your exercise goals.



Back pain can affect more than your back. It can radiate down your legs and slow your running and walking down. It can lead to neck pain and arm tingling, which can interrupt weight lifting or any other exercise. Back pain can be helped and you can get back out there. You just have to address your current back pain issues first. Dr. Kelly Tolle of Family Chiropractic of Heathrow can help determine what your pain is from and also what you can be doing to control it. Her back pain services can be the ticket to keeping any pain from interrupting your goals. You don’t have to settle for slowing down. You just have to understand how to keep pain at bay and how to reach those goals without causing any new back pain issues.



(photo of Dr. Tolle's husband at CrossFit doing deadlifts)



Chiropractic for Runners!

Maybe you’ve never thought about chiropractic care. After all, as a regular runner, you’re pretty healthy. You’ve never sustained any lasting injuries and you don’t feel constant pain. What would be the point to paying for chiropractic care?

You’re not alone in your thought process. Athletes and non-athletes alike assume that chiropractic care is only beneficial if you are experiencing pain. Not so. In fact, many athletes and sports teams employ the services of a chiropractor on a regular basis. “Why,” you ask? Well, the answer is simple, really. It is much easier to keep a healthy person healthy than it is to treat a person already in pain!

Ideally, if you had perfect alignment, your body could handle almost anything. However, few people, if any, have perfect body alignment.  The spine absorbs daily abuse from poor posture (sitting at a computer, holding babies, sleeping on your stomach) to an accumulation of life’s accidents (car, bike, sports). These things create misalignments in your spine that you may be unaware of. Now add in the high amount of impact placed on the body while running and you are at a very high risk for conditions ranging anywhere from pain in the feet, knees, shoulders, and lower back, to pinched nerves and sciatic pain.

Of course, the problems don’t occur overnight. Alignment problems take time to develop. It takes even longer for the pain to set in. Once you actually start feeling pain from your alignment issues, you are already in pretty poor shape. Now, instead of preventing injuries, your chiropractor will have to help repair injuries. While it doesn’t have to be this way, it is sadly all too common. We are taught the importance of dental health and checkups when growing up, so let’s remember your spine – it protects your nervous system and is the only way your brain connects with your entire body!

If you are a runner and you have never seen a chiropractor, now is the best time to start taking advantage of chiropractic care. And while chiropractic treatment can help with pain and injuries, its biggest advantage to runners and athletes is preventive care. Dr. Kelly Tolle can give you a full evaluation, help you learn how to prevent injuries, and help you stay in good alignment and reduce your chances of injuries.


World Cup Soccer and Chiropractic Care

Structure = Function

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is heating up this summer with some exciting games and action. My family and I have enjoyed following the teams and players and it has inspired us to get out to the park and kick the ball around.

One of my favorite moments of this World Cup is seeing this picture – the Greek goalie getting an adjustment during a game!

Elite athletes utilize chiropractic care to optimize their performance. Simply put, Structure = Function. And this formula is not limited to professional athletes. Everyday activities of life can cause minor misalignments that cause major problems over time.

Let’s get your body functioning the way it was designed!

Dr Kelly Tolle


Sleep Tight, All Night

Expert tips for getting a good night’s sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep should be at the top of your to-do list. Sleep is critical to good health and is important to not only feeling good, but also in making good decisions, performing well at work, driving safely and even with feeling happy.

Most of us understand the benefit of getting 6 to 8 hours of quality sleep. We’re in a better mood, we’re more energetic, and let’s face it; we’re usually more fun to be around when we're well rested! Knowing all of this and achieving it can sometimes be a challenge and sleep can be the one of the most elusive of health goals, even more so than exercise. Many people accept this as a way of life and find that their health declines, but most never put the two together.

Sleep is required to live! We require sleep in order to heal, restore mental acuity, and it’s also when our bodies focus on making new cells to keep us going. Without it we lower our immune response and increase our risk for chronic disease.  The good news is that there are plenty of things that you can do to improve your sleep:

1. Get adjusted! Subluxation of the spine prevents the brain and nervous system from communicating properly and pressure on the spinal cord and brain stem prevents people from achieving deep sleep.

2. Decrease stress. The worst culprit limiting sleep, stress is so ingrained into our daily lives that many of us simply don’t notice it anymore. Decreasing it can be as easy as taking a few minutes of “me time” every day. This could be as easy as 30 minutes of TV, a quick angry bird’s break, or your favorite exercise.

3. Try Journaling- Have you ever laid awake at night going over your schedule for the next day or worrying? When you’re stuck on something, get up and write it down. This allows the brain to shut down and allows you to work things out later.

4. Avoid sleep aids. Medications that are marketed to promote sleep are shown to actually decrease deep REM sleep. REM sleep is where we sleep our deepest and heal and it’s vital to maintaining health.

5. Limit caffeine intake. Caffeine is a stimulant, which is why many of us love it. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize they’re addicted until they try to stop drinking it and experience symptoms like mood swings and headaches. If caffeine is consumed, it should be limited to before noon to allow the body adequate time to metabolize it.

6. Pay attention to what you’re eating around bed time. Protein is required to make new cells and is pivotal in the rest and digest process so consuming protein a few hours before bed is very important. Avoid carbohydrates as they’re used for energy and we don’t want to be amped up before bedtime. Especially those 2 hours before bed.

7. Obey your Circadian rhythms. Humans have biological rhythms, known as circadian rhythms, which are controlled by a biological clock and work on a daily time scale. The drive for sleep follows a cycle, and the body is ready for sleep and for wakefulness at different times of the day. We get better quality of sleep when it's dark outside.

8. Sleep in a dark room. Having lights on during sleep or a brightly lit alarm clock interferes with the amount of melatonin produced naturally in the body.

Night Night Sleep Tight – Dr Kelly



Going for Gold! SOCHI & Chiropractic

Olympic athletes train hard and endure significant physical demands on their bodies. Besides an obvious injury, these demands can create misalignments that will decrease their peak physical performance. Over the years, chiropractic care has become key in the care of these world class athletes, leading to a growing number of chiropractors traveling to the Sochi Olympic Games.  The USA medical staff has 6 chiropractors on the medical team for their athletes.

Chiropractic treatments can increase range of motion, increase flexibility, increase circulation, reduce pain and improve posture.  Many professional athletes contribute chiropractic care for their optimal performance.

I hope you are enjoying watching the Winter Olympics as much as I am!

Go Team USA!


What is that crazy tape?

Kinesiotape is applied over a stretched muscle and is designed to lift the skin, accelerating blood flow to increase the amount of oxygen available to the muscles.  This reduces fatigue, promotes lymph drainage, promotes recovery and reduces pain and swelling. It can be used as support or injury treatment. It also can improve athletic performance because it promotes proper form by helping to coordinate proper muscle mechanics. It stretches just like skin and can be worn anytime and anywhere - including in water.  The tape can be worn upto 5 days before the adhesive quality fails.

I call it magic tape! And the initials KT are also my own! ;)

Dr Kelly Tolle