Kids and Chiropractic

I am always a little surprised when someone asks me “You adjust kids? Why??” The reasons are endless really. I usually start with the question back “Well do you have kids?”

The reason I ask if they are a parent is simple – as a parent you are the the main witness to the constant stress and strain kids do to their bodies. From learning to walk to playing on the playground – and now my kids being older playing soccer, riding horses and competing in gymnastics – there are SO many reasons to adjust my kids!

One of my biggest blessings in life being a chiropractor is being able to help my children grow healthy and strong by adjusting them with my own hands. And it is an amazing gift I cherish when my patients bring their kids to me for the same purpose.

Let me help your child feel and perform their best in life by bringing them to Family Chiropractic of Heathrow! The giggles and smiles from my young patients are indescribable  [:)]

Sincerely, Dr Kelly Tolle

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